“Find someone who looks at you the way Raph looks at Canners” 🤣 (see photo below)

There are three types of potential volunteers we have met:

  1. Those only interested because they think they’ll get free tickets to Chelsea matches, will get close to Chelsea players or some other kickback (it’s not to say it won’t happen, but it’s not something that should be banked on!)
  2. People motivated to inspire as many people as possible with Paul’s message of determination and resilience
  3. Those with a core skill or area of expertise and some free time to donate

If you have senior marketing experience and tick box 2 and box 3, please read on to see if you could be a fit for our voluntary role.

As a contemporary marketing pro, you have bags of experience with influencing behaviour and changing public perceptions.

Storytelling is your bag and you particularly love doing so across the variety of social platforms, using video and other engaging media.

Your exceptional communication skills help you connect with diverse audiences, demonstrating a commitment to equality and diversity with all you do.

You’re organised and enjoy tech and tools such as CRM systems for effective comms and relationship management, Google apps and project management tools like Trello.

You are adept as measuring impact and deriving insight from data and proficient at using marketing analytics tools such as Google Analytics 4.

You are a team player, with low ego and a collaborative nature – so are great at working with other volunteers and empathetic to their personal situations and time allowance.

If this sounds like you, click here and connect with our CEO Raphael to have an informal, no obligation chat about the position.

Together we will fulfil our vision of a society where every young person CAN achieve their full potential.