We are partnering with educational institutions across the UK that are committed to improving their equality and diversity practices. As partners in our community, we will build learning environments together that stand tall as examples of positive change, working towards a more just and equitable society.

Education partners get bespoke support from the Paul Canoville Foundation with evaluation and annual target setting, measuring the progress of your school, promotion and affiliation with our education partnership programme, access to specialist membership services and much more.

Our Commitment to you

ABC Partnership Principals


This is an active and determined practice of advocating individuals and/or groups who are being marginalised, excluded and disadvantaged. The Paul Canoville Foundation encourages everyone to be confident allies.


Diversity, equality, equity and inclusion are core to the notion of “belonging”. Ultimately this is the end result and most important measurement of the success of the Paul Canoville Foundation.


We encourage active engagement to civic responsibility and positive contributions to the community. This includes participating in community service, volunteering, charity work and promoting civic education.

If you would like to speak to the PCF team about becoming an education partner then send an email to info@thepaulcanovillefoundation.co.uk and our team will be on hand to support.