Our Mission

It is our mission to enrich the lives of children and young adults by helping schools and businesses implement equality and diversity initiatives that achieve improved outcomes in the areas of Allyship, Community and Belonging. The ethos of our founder’s story.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the primary authority for improving equality and diversity outcomes for organisations across England

    Our Values

    The Paul Canoville Foundation’s approach is guided by the values that define us.

    Every Trustee, staff member, volunteer and PCF partner embodies these values, as we work together to deliver our mission and strive towards our vision.

    Youth Focused

    We place the rights and needs of children and young people at the centre of our decision making processes.


    We advocate for individuals and/or groups who are being marginalised, excluded and disadvantaged.


    Cultivating a sense of “belonging” is the most important measurement of our Foundation’s success.


    We encourage active engagement in civic responsibility and positive contributions to the wider community.